Waves - All Plugins Bundle V14


  • Includes Waves Harmony, Space Rider, Silk Vocal, Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro
  • Supports both Windows and macOS (Intel, M1, M2, M3)
  • Free online installation service provided!
  • มาพร้อมปลั๊กอินใหม่ Waves Harmony, Space Rider, Silk Vocal, Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro
  • รองรับทั้ง windows และ mac os (Intel, M1, M2, M3)
  • บริการรีโมทติดตั้งออนไลน์ ฟรี!

ใช้งานได้กับระบบปฏิบัติการ:Windows, Mac

หมวดหมู่:Mixing & Mastering

Waves - All Plugins Bundle V14


List of Plugins

  1. Abbey Road Chambers Immerse your music in historic chamber reverbs
  2. Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel Abbey Road’s classic solid-state console that served the Beatles and Pink Floyd
  3. Abbey Road J37 Tape Valve Analog Tape Sound from Abbey Road Studios
  4. Abbey Road King’s Microphones Rare, royal, and unlike any other microphone sound
  5. Abbey Road REDD Consoles Vintage valve console channel strips from the legendary studios
  6. Abbey Road Reel ADT Tape-based vocal doubling from Abbey Road
  7. Abbey Road Reverb Plates Classic bright reverb with sound that “blooms”
  8. Abbey Road RS124 Compressor One-of-a-kind compressor heard on Beatles to Beyoncé
  9. Abbey Road RS56 Passive EQ The original mastering EQ from Abbey Road Studios—reborn for creative mixing
  10. Abbey Road Saturator Saturation chain with the unique and rare “compansion” effect
  11. Abbey Road Studio 3 Abbey Road’s flagship mix room—modeled for reliable mixing on headphones
  12. Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain Complete mastering chain to shape tone and dynamics
  13. Abbey Road Vinyl Give your music the vintage warmth and detailed retro effects of vinyl records
  14. Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter Add brightness and clarity to any track, without EQing
  15. API 2500 Versatile vintage compressor with switchable topologies
  16. API 550 Sweeten your mixes and masters with proportional-Q curves
  17. API 560 High-end API sound quality in a graphic equalizer
  18. AudioTrack Channel strip with 4-band EQ, compressor, gate
  19. B360 Ambisonics Encoder Convert mono, stereo, and surround to 360° Ambisonics B-format mixes
  20. Bass Fingers Nuanced multi-sampled fingerstyle bass with keyswitched articulations
  21. Bass Rider Mix with Consistent Bass Levels—Automatically
  22. Bass Slapper The most nuanced and realistic slap bass plugin ever created
  23. BB Tubes Beautiful to Beastly Tube Saturation 
  24. Berzerk Distortion Intense over-the-top distortion playground
  25. Brauer Motion Create moving, 3D-like spherical auto-panning effects
  26. BSS DPR-402 Frequency-selective compressor, limiter & de-esser: Great for explosive drum sound
  27. Butch Vig Vocals Vocal multi-effect by the producer for Nirvana and Foo Fighters
  28. C1 Compressor Compression, expansion, gating, dynamic filtering in one plugin
  29. C360 Surround Compressor Soft-knee compression with limiting and linking for 5.1 Surround
  30. C4 Multiband Compressor 4-band multiband dynamics and equalization
  31. C6 Multiband Compressor 6 bands of multi-function dynamics and focused EQ
  32. Center Fine-tune stereo tracks by separately controlling center and sides
  33. CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter Smooth, warm, natural-sounding tube compression
  34. CLA-3A Compressor / Limiter Solid-state compression for classic 70s bass, drum sound
  35. CLA-76 Compressor / Limiter Super-fast FET compression with legendary tone
  36. CLA Bass Multi-effects optimized for modern rock/pop bass
  37. CLA Drums Multi-effects for 6 different drum miking positions
  38. CLA EchoSphere Plate reverb with slapback echo, optimized for lead vocals
  39. CLA Effects Multi-effects for adding a modern, polished luster
  40. CLA Epic Complete reverbs & delays by Chris Lord-Alge
  41. CLA Guitars Multi-effects optimized for instant gratification
  42. CLA MixDown Four crucial processors, optimized for the mix bus
  43. CLA MixHub Mix with classic console sound and a fast, efficient workflow
  44. CLA Nx Reference your mixes in Chris Lord-Alge’s studio—over any headphones
  45. Clarity Vx AI-powered noise removal for vocals and voice
  46. Clarity Vx DeReverb Instant AI room & reverb removal for voice
  47. Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro Advanced AI reverb removal for dialogue & vocals
  48. Clarity Vx Pro Advanced real-time noise reduction for voice, powered by AI
  49. CLA Unplugged Multi-effects optimized for acoustic instruments
  50. Clavinet The funkiest keyboard ever—at your fingertips
  51. CLA Vocals Multi-effects optimized for vocals
  52. Cobalt Saphira Add harmonic color with total surgical control
  53. Codex Wavetable Synth Monster synth with a massive sonic palette
  54. COSMOS Sample Finder AI-powered sample finder + 2500 royalty-free samples
  55. CR8 Creative Sampler Easy & powerful sampler: Instant workflow, versatile creative sample design
  56. dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter The classic fast-attack VCA compressor, perfect for drums and bass
  57. DeBreath Easily remove breath sounds from vocals and narration
  58. DeEsser Gently minimizes vocal sibilance and harshness
  59. Doppler Doppler effects for film, sound design, and music
  60. Dorrough Stereo Precision measurement system for audio levels
  61. Dorrough Surround Precision audio metering for 5.0 and 5.1 surround
  62. Doubler 4-voice doubler/imager with modulation and detuning
  63. DTS Neural™ Mono2Stereo Render mono to stereo for broadcast and streaming
  64. DTS Neural™ Surround DownMix Render 5.1 or 7.1 surround content to a stereo mix
  65. DTS Neural™ Surround UpMix Adapt stereo content to quad, 5.1, or 7.1 surround
  66. Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Bass multi-effect for the sounds of classic rock
  67. Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Multi-effect for classic rock drum sounds
  68. Eddie Kramer Effects Channel Classic tape delay & plate reverb multi-effect
  69. Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel Electric guitar multi-FX from the legendary producer for Hendrix and Zeppelin
  70. Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel Multi-effect plugin with two classic rock vocal attitudes
  71. Electric 200 Piano The classic 70s electric piano, perfectly sampled
  72. Electric 88 Piano The sound and soul that defined 70s funk, jazz and rock
  73. Electric Grand 80 Piano The electric/acoustic sound that defined 80s production
  74. Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth Subtractive analog synth with effects and sequencer
  75. eMo D5 Dynamics Multiple dynamics processor, for stage or studio
  76. eMo F2 Filter High/lowpass utility filter for stage or studio
  77. eMo Generator Analyze, synthesize, test, set up, ring out, and mix
  78. eMo Q4 Equalizer 4-band paragraphic EQ optimized for the stage
  79. Enigma Time delay, frequency-shift, and filtering effects
  80. F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ Surgical dynamic equalizer with 6 fully adjustable bands
  81. Feedback Hunter Optimize stage monitors and PA systems faster than ever
  82. Flow Motion FM Synth FM synth engine with virtual analog processing
  83. Gemstones A growing collection of inspiring audio effects
  84. GEQ Graphic Equalizer Two filter designs, 30 bands, parametric EQ, RTA, and more
  85. Grand Rhapsody Piano Luxurious acoustic grand, multi-miked and sampled to perfection
  86. Greg Wells MixCentric Mix bus finalizer: EQ, compression, saturation combined in one knob
  87. Greg Wells PianoCentric Make pianos and keys sit perfectly in the mix
  88. Greg Wells ToneCentric Add rich analog tone with tube-based harmonic enhancement
  89. Greg Wells VoiceCentric Vocal mixing made easy by Adele, Dua Lipa producer
  90. GTR3 Amps, cabs, miking, and stompbox effects emulation
  91. GTR3 Amps Versatile amp sims, cabinets, and mics for guitar and bass
  92. GTR3 Stomps Stompbox guitar effects complement amp sims
  93. GTR3 ToolRack Studio or live performance host for GTR3 modules
  94. GTR3 Tuner Precision tuning reference for stringed instruments
  95. GTR Solo Streamlined amp sim and effects for stage or studio
  96. H-Comp Hybrid Compressor Modern performance with vintage compression sound
  97. H-Delay Hybrid Delay The complete toolbox for classic delay effects
  98. H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer 7-band EQ with vintage tone and surgical abilities
  99. H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb Lush reverb sounds with unlimited tweakability
  100. IDR360 Bit Re-Quantizer Reduce audio bit depth and add noise-shaped dither
  101. Infected Mushroom Pusher Instant sonic enhancer for mastering and mixing
  102. InPhase Easily fix phase issues in your mix
  103. InPhase LT Simplified phase alignment and correction tool
  104. IR1 Convolution Reverb Reproduce the acoustic environments of world-famous venues
  105. IR360 Convolution Reverb Surround convolution reverb for spatial emulation
  106. IR-L Convolution Reverb Streamlined convolution reverb with impulse library
  107. IR-Live Convolution Reverb Convolution reverb optimized for live sound mixing
  108. JJP Bass Parallel multi-effects for electric and synth bass
  109. JJP Cymbals & Percussion Multi-effects with layers of parallel processing
  110. JJP Drums Multi-effect processing for kick, snare, toms
  111. JJP Guitars Multi-effects optimized for articulated guitar sounds
  112. JJP Strings & Keys Multi-effects optimized for strings, string samples, pads and keyboards
  113. JJP Vocals Multi-effect with parallel processing for vocals
  114. Kaleidoscopes Super-suite of colorful modulation effects
  115. Key Detector Find the key of any sample, track or full mix with AI precision
  116. Kramer HLS Channel Channel strip from the renowned Helios console
  117. Kramer Master Tape Classic American analog tape saturation
  118. Kramer PIE Compressor Models the Pye compressor used at Olympic Studios
  119. L1 Ultramaximizer Mono/stereo limiter with refined resolution control
  120. L2 Ultramaximizer Classic look-ahead brickwall peak limiter and level maximizer
  121. L3-16 Multimaximizer 16 virtual bands for the ultimate in maximization
  122. L360 Surround Limiter Brickwall peak limiting maximizes surround sound
  123. L3-LL Multimaximizer Low-latency, 5-band multimaximizer
  124. L3-LL Ultramaximizer Ultra-low latency with 5-band level maximization
  125. L3 Multimaximizer 5-band dynamics control with linear-phase crossover
  126. L3 Ultramaximizer Multiband technology with a streamlined interface
  127. LFE360 Low-Pass Filter LFE channel tool for surround and 5.1 mixing
  128. Lil Tube Instant analog tube saturation
  129. Linear Phase EQ EQ your masters and buses without phase issues
  130. Linear Phase Multiband Compressor Compress your masters without phasing or coloration
  131. LoAir Subharmonic generator for stereo and surround sources
  132. Lofi Space Lofi-style reverb and delay plugin
  133. M360 Surround Manager & Mixdown 5.0/5.1 surround calibration & bass management tool
  134. Magma Springs Spring reverb – 7 types, endless style.
  135. Magma Tube Channel Strip Sculpt your tracks with the rich analog Magma sound
  136. Manny Marroquin Delay Delay-based multi-effect with 4 parallel processors
  137. Manny Marroquin Distortion Parallel distortion with compression and 4-band EQ
  138. Manny Marroquin EQ 6-band EQ with vintage models and modern workflow
  139. Manny Marroquin Reverb Re-creates Manny’s complete reverb signal chain
  140. Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper Easily change the tonality of a track to match the full mix
  141. Manny Marroquin Triple D Minimize boxy, sibilant, and harsh vocal sounds
  142. Maserati ACG Acoustic guitar multi-FX by Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati
  143. Maserati B72 Bass fattener by Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati
  144. Maserati DRM Drum enhancer by Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati
  145. Maserati GRP Multi-FX for groups by Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati
  146. Maserati GTi Guitar mixing FX by Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati
  147. Maserati HMX Keyboard enhancer by Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati
  148. Maserati VX1 Vocal enhancer by Beyoncé mixer Tony Maserati
  149. MaxxBass Enhance bass and add low end, even on small speakers
  150. MaxxVolume 4 dynamic processors combined for fast control
  151. MDMX Distortion Modules 3 distortions based on classic hardware effects
  152. MetaFilter Analog filter tones with super-creative modulation
  153. MetaFlanger Vintage tape flanging, phasing, and chorusing
  154. MondoMod Use diverse modulation FX, separately or together
  155. Morphoder Classic vocoder, melodic percussion, and special FX
  156. MultiMod Rack Multiband rack hosts 3 Waves distortion plugins
  157. MV2 Dual high-level/low-level compressor
  158. MV360 Dual-function compression for 5.0/5.1 surround
  159. NLS Non-Linear Summer Mix through 3 high-end analog consoles
  160. NS1 Noise Suppressor Single-control noise suppression for voice
  161. Nx Germano Studios New York Headphone reference plugin models the iconic NYC studio’s acoustics
  162. Nx Ocean Way Nashville Headphone mixing plugin models Ocean Way acoustics and monitors
  163. Nx – Virtual Mix Room over Headphones Virtual acoustic mix room for mixing on headphones
  164. OneKnob Brighter Add instant brightness and clarity to any track
  165. OneKnob Driver Saturate your tracks, from light overdrive to full-on distortion
  166. OneKnob Filter Create smooth filter sweeps on loops, vocals, instruments or complete tracks
  167. OneKnob Louder Give tracks, buses, and mixes more power and impact
  168. OneKnob Phatter Boost the low end and add weight to thin tracks
  169. OneKnob Pressure Squash your tracks, or compress lightly—with a single knob
  170. OneKnob Pumper Create instant pumping/ducking effects without having to sidechain
  171. OneKnob Wetter Dial in quick reverb for instant depth and dimension
  172. OVox Vocal ReSynthesis Transform your vocals with the next-generation voice-controlled synth
  173. PAZ Analyzer Displays stereo positioning, frequency spread, and peak/RMS levels
  174. Playlist Rider Auto-adjusts consistent levels for multiple audio sources in real time
  175. Primary Source Expander Reduce mic bleed in live shows—instantly
  176. PRS SuperModels Guitar Amp Simulation: Stunning Realism Meets Superior Tone
  177. PS22 Stereo Maker Convert mono to stereo, or widen the stereo image
  178. PuigChild Compressor The Ultimate Tube Compressor/Limiter
  179. PuigTec EQs Two classic EQs for silky highs, punchy lows, and rich mids
  180. Q10 Equalizer 10-band parametric EQ with 6 curves per band
  181. Q-Clone Convert any hardware EQ curve into a plugin preset
  182. R360 Surround Reverb Lush reverb created for 5.0 and 5.1 surround
  183. Renaissance Axx Compressor optimized for guitars and all stringed instruments
  184. Renaissance Bass Rich bass enhancement for music and voice
  185. Renaissance Channel Channel strip with dynamics, 4-band EQ and sidechain
  186. Renaissance Compressor Classic, multi-application compressor and expander
  187. Renaissance DeEsser Modern de-esser with extensive visual feedback
  188. Renaissance Equalizer 6-band equalizer with multiple curve options
  189. Renaissance Reverb Smooth algorithmic reverb, 12 reverb types, 265 presets
  190. Renaissance Vox Classic compressor/limiter optimized for vocals
  191. Retro Fi True analog lofi magic
  192. S1 Stereo Imager Widen your stereo image and correct the stereo balance
  193. S360 Surround Imager & Panner Manipulate surround imaging, panning, and space
  194. Scheps 73 Classic 1073 EQ emulation, created with Andrew Scheps
  195. Scheps Omni Channel 2 The perfect channel strip, created with Andrew Scheps: Now expanded with new features
  196. Scheps Parallel Particles Add instant thickness, bite, air, and deep subs to your tracks
  197. Sibilance De-essing with Organic ReSynthesis technology
  198. Silk Vocal Smart EQ & dynamics for vocals
  199. Smack Attack Emphasize, tame, and shape drums and percussion
  200. SoundShifter Time- and pitch-stretch audio with multiple options
  201. Space Rider Spatial effects suite with ‘secret weapon’ dynamic Rider
  202. Spherix Immersive Compressor & Limiter Dynamics designed for 7.1.4/7.1.2 mixing
  203. SSL E-Channel The classic SSL console sound: 4-band EQ, compressor/limiter, expander/gate
  204. SSL EV2 Channel Updated E-series channel strip, with mic pre plus your choice between ‘Brown’ or ‘Black’ EQ
  205. SSL G-Channel Adaptive-Q EQ, compressor/limiter, expander/gate
  206. SSL G-Equalizer 4-band equalizer models the SSL G Series EQ 292
  207. SSL G-Master Buss Compressor “Glue” tracks into a smooth, cohesive mix
  208. StudioRack Smart plugin chainer, now with StudioVerse: Thousands of mix-ready chains w/ AI search
  209. Sub Align Align PA system subs and tops for phase integrity
  210. Submarine Add bigger, deeper subs to your tracks
  211. SuperTap Flexible delays inspired by analog tape echo
  212. Torque Tune the pitch of drums, in your recordings or live
  213. TRACT System Calibration Room-tuning program integrates with Smaart® analysis
  214. Trans-X Control percussive sounds with detailed transient shaping
  215. TrueVerb Lush reverb with detailed control over early reflections
  216. UltraPitch Harmonies and formant shifting for monophonic audio
  217. UM225 / UM226 Upmix stereo tracks to 5.0 or 5.1 surround
  218. V-Comp 2254-type analog-modeled compressor with vintage transformer sound
  219. V-EQ3 Vintage EQ with rich analog tone, modeled from 1066 and 1073 consoles
  220. V-EQ4 Larger-than-life sound, with flexibility to match
  221. Vitamin Sonic Enhancer Add excitement, spark and definition to any track, while mixing or mastering
  222. Vocal Bender Real-time vocal pitch & formant manipulation
  223. Vocal Rider Get consistent vocal levels—automatically and fast
  224. Voltage Amps 7 iconic guitar and bass amps, optimized for instant tone gratification
  225. VU Meter Industry-standard meter to reliably see average audio levels
  226. W43 Noise Reduction Plugin Reduce ambient noise in audio-for-video productions
  227. Waves Harmony Real-time vocal harmony playground
  228. Waves Tune Surgical vocal pitch correction
  229. Waves Tune LT Simplified vocal pitch correction and re-tuning
  230. Waves Tune Real-Time Instant vocal pitch correction, in the studio or live
  231. WLM Plus Loudness Meter Precision level measurement plugin with true peak limiter
  232. WNS Noise Suppressor Reduce background noise with dialog and vocals
  233. X-Click Minimize strong clicks in digital or vinyl media
  234. X-Crackle Minimize low-level crackles and surface noise
  235. X-FDBK Automatic feedback elimination for clearer live sound
  236. X-Hum Remove 50/60 Hz hum, DC offset, and low rumble
  237. X-Noise Focused, noiseprint-based noise reduction
  238. Z-Noise Noiseprint-based noise reduction for music
  239. OVox Vocal ReSynthesis
  240. Scheps 73
  241. Waves Tune Real-Time
  242. SuperRack SoundGrid
  243. SuperRack Performer