Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains SR


Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains SR is an exclusive collection of the world’s most advanced vocal presets, taking full advantage of unprecedented features in the redesigned Waves StudioRack* plugin chainer. The 25 35 never-before-released vocal presets introduce zero latency monitoring for live tracking, easy-to-use parallel processing (no aux routing required), 8 “intelligent” macro controls for endless customization and inspirational creative effects. Vocal Chains SR presets are cross-compatible, allowing you to recall your favorite go-to vocal chains with the click of a mouse, in the DAW of your choice.

ใช้งานได้กับระบบปฏิบัติการ:Windows, Mac

หมวดหมู่:Sample, Wav, Midi, Preset

Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains SR


Product Details

Vocal Style: Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, EDM, World
Preset Categories: Lead, Live Tracking, Background, Sends (Aux FX)
Plugins Required (Not Included)*Waves StudioRack (V11 and higher)Waves PlatinumWaves SSL 4000Waves Tune Real-Time
DAW CompatibilityMost Native DAWs
Download Size: 29MB
Download Format: Waves StudioRack Preset (.xps), Installation Videos (.mp4)
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