EastWest Sounds - SPACES II


  • Over 1,020 reverbs recorded around the world, including 353 brand-new presets
  • Created by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix
  • New Presets feature churches, concert halls, opera houses, catacombs, train stations, recording studios, plates and more
  • Winner of the MusicTech Excellence Award & SOS Reader’s Choice Nominee

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EastWest Sounds - SPACES II



Generally, all info related to the reverb selected is displayed in the interface window of SPACES II.

The following is useful information -

  • M-S: means mono in and stereo out. So normal stereo reverb, where the input is summed to mono before being processed.
  • S-S: means stereo in and stereo out. So true stereo. Each channel L and R is processed with its own unique stereo impulse.

Typically an impulse is taken with the source on the left side of the stage and the right side of the stage. Each impulse is stereo. When they are put together you get a true stereo 4 channel snapshot of the space. We encourage users to use the true stereo versions of the impulses. The true stereo switch on the interface is an indicator, not a switch. It indicates what you have loaded.

  • FR: means front mics.
  • RR: means rear mics. These can be used to create a surround mix, or to pick a reverb that you like. Generally the rear is longer and darker.
  • FILTER: This allows users to limit the frequencies sent to the reverb, you can high-pass, low-pass, or both. When selected, a frequency response graphic will appear in the center window.
  • DECAY TIME: This allows users to shorten the reverb time of the loaded preset.
  • MONO: turn on to mono the reverb.


A Simply Massive Collection from Around the World.


  • Abandoned Abbey
  • Angels Cathedral (True Stereo)
  • Berlin Church (True Stereo)
  • Grace Church (True Stereo)
  • Hamburg Cathedral (True Stereo)
  • LA Cathedral
  • LA Church
  • NY Church
  • Sacred Heart (True Stereo)
  • Santa Barbara Temple
  • St. Dominic (True Stereo)
  • St. Patricks (True Stereo)

Concert Halls

  • Abravanel Hall (True Stereo)
  • Ace Hall
  • Davies Hall (True Stereo)
  • Dortmund Concert Hall (True Stereo)
  • LA Guitar Venue
  • LA Piano Hall
  • Northwest Orchestral Hall
  • NY Piano Hall
  • NY String Hall
  • Pasadena Taiko Hall
  • Reynolds Hall (True Stereo)
  • San Francisco Hall
  • So. Cal. Orchestral Hall



  • Malibu Stone Courtyard


  • Carlsbad Caverns



  • Classic Digital
  • Digital Hollywood Hall
  • Gated Room Reverb
  • Planetary Manifestations
  • Vocal Digital


  • Hamburg Forest
  • Hamburg Lake Forest


Opera House

  • War Memorial Opera House (True Stereo)

Parking Garages

  • SM Parking Garage
  • WLA Parking Garage



  • Classic Rock Plate
  • EW Vintage Plates

Rock Rooms

  • LA Big Drum Rooms
  • LA Small Drum Rooms
  • LA Studio Drum Rooms


Solo Vocal

  • Solo Vocal


  • LA Scoring Stages



  • EastWest Studios

Swimming Hall

  • Berlin Swimming Hall (True Stereo)



  • SM Concrete Tank
  • SM Water Tank

The Catacombs

  • The Catacombs


Train Stations

  • Long Tunnel
  • Union Station


  • 544 Mateo (True Stereo)
  • ACME Storage
  • Compton Warehouse
  • WLA Loading Dock