Fracture Sounds - Hemisphere Guitars


Hemisphere is a collection of masterfully sampled electric guitars, with an emphasis on soft and delicate playing, perfect for cinematic music and a wide range of other genres.

Combined with our signature sound design layers, creative on-board effects, and 50+ production-ready presets, Hemisphere takes the electric guitar to new horizons.

ผู้พัฒนา: Fracture Sounds

ใช้งานได้กับระบบปฏิบัติการ:Windows, Mac

หมวดหมู่:Guitar, Cinematic

Fracture Sounds - Hemisphere Guitars


Hemisphere features 2 classic guitar models, deep sampled through a range of amps and effects. This library was conceived with an emphasis on soft, atmospheric and cinematic playing, but is equally effective in a wide range of genres, from post-rock to lo-fi hip-hop.
Even in situations where you wouldn’t think to use a guitar, you are sure to find inspiration in the fresh and original soundscapes this library provides.


At the core of the instrument is the Guitar Tone panel, which offers a selection of pre-crafted guitar sounds, built from different performance techniques (fingered, picked, harmonics), played on different models of guitar, and recorded through a range of carefully selected amp settings and effects. These guitar tones are ready to use in your productions – no need to mess around with amp sims and effects (but feel free to take these sounds further with your own processing!)
The Guitar Tone panel also features some simple controls for easily sculpting the sound further, including low pass and high pass filters, a unique ‘timbre shift’ control, and an ‘Air’ knob for adding some space around the guitar and pushing it back in the mix.


As you would expect from a Fracture Sounds product, this library goes much further than basic multi-sampled guitars. Our popular ‘Atmosphere Layers’ concept makes a return in Hemisphere, offering 14 carefully crafted sound-design pads & textures, created from processed guitar performances, which blend beautifully with the raw guitar tones.

For the first time, our layer mixer allows the 14 atmosphere layers to be loaded in any combination into the three available slots, to create unique sonic blends.

The combination of these atmosphere layers with the 15 guitar tones, in addition to the various sound sculpting controls, means a vast range of unique sounds can be achieved.


The sonic scope of Hemisphere is expanded further with the collection of built-in effects; most notably, the Lo-Fi section, which encapsulates 3 distinct sound-mangling processes into a single easy-to-use control. By clicking the cog icon next to the Lo-Fi knob, you can access its individual settings for fine adjustment: A tape emulator (including warm saturation, age and wow/flutter), a noise section (including hiss and mechanical noise recorded from a real tape machine), and a speaker effect (emulating small cassette players, AM radios, car stereos and more).

The library also includes a tape echo simulation, and some stunning algorithmic reverbs for beautiful dreamy tails.


The 50+ inspiring presets offered in Hemisphere range from ‘basic’ electric guitar tones, to processed & layered atmospheric instruments (perfect for film scores and hybrid productions), mangled lo-fi guitars, and organic ‘synth’ pads.

This library is truly plug-and-play, with a plethora of production-ready sounds which can be used as-is or processed further.


We are delighted to offer full NKS support for Hemisphere. Harnessing the power of Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol keyboards, you have full hands-on control of the instrument, using the built-in display and parameter controls on the keyboard. This also means that Hemisphere is accessible to blind and visually impared musicians. Furthermore, Hemisphere is compatible with the free Kontakt Player, with activation through Native Access, meaning you can use the library without purchasing any additional software. You can download Kontakt Player from the Native Instruments website.


  • Deep sampled electric guitars with an emphasis on cinematic music.
  • Picked, fingered and harmonics articulations.
  • 2 classic electric guitar models.
  • 15 diverse guitar tones for a range of genres.
  • Pre-mixed, ready to use out of the box.
  • 14 sound-design atmosphere layers.
  • Over 50 inspiring presets.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Full NKS support – works with Komplete Kontrol hardware.
  • 12GB download size (NCW compressed from a 20GB sample pool).