Impact Soundworks - Rosette Fingerstyle


ntroducing Rosette Fingerstyle, the first in our new Rosette line of acoustic guitars. We sampled a gorgeous steel-stringed Taylor 414ce acoustic in obsessive detail: every string, every fret, every finger, with two mics and even a DI signal. An improved, expanded guitar engine lets you easily customize the virtual player’s performance to breathe life into your music, no matter how intricate or nuanced.

ผู้พัฒนา: Impact Soundworks

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Impact Soundworks - Rosette Fingerstyle


Over 24,000 pristine 24-bit samples

Exquisite recordings using the finest studio mics & preamps for stunning clarity and detail.

6-string acoustic guitar

A gorgeous, flagship, American-made acoustic guitar with steel strings, performed fingerstyle. Modern, clear, and crisp tone.

All crucial articulations

Perform and write a huge range of possible lead & rhythm parts using sustains, mutes, tremolo, harmonics (natural & artificial), hammer-on/pull-off, slides, chokes, pitched & unpitched releases, and assorted percussion.

Realistic performances through meticulous sampling

Every string sampled up to the highest fret using thumb (up/down), index, middle, and ring fingers, each with up to 4 RR and 5 dynamic layers.

23 production-ready tone snapshots

From intimate, warm perspectives to galaxy-sized ambient strums and everything in between.