Toontrack – Classic Rock EBX




Bass, presets and MIDI – all tailored for thunderous classic rock.

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Toontrack – Classic Rock EBX


The Classic Rock EBX is an expansion for EZbass featuring a meticulously captured 1960s bass. Picked for its optimal qualities, this bass embodies all the wants and needs you’d be looking for in a workhorse of a rock instrument: the thick low end, the soaring harmonics and that bright and articulate sustain that cuts through in any mix without being overpowering. Simply put, this is a bass that oozes rock at the strike of a single note.

Aside from the actual instrument, the EBX also includes a broad selection of presets for all tools and striking options as well as a custom collection of MIDI, making this much more than just a bass sample library – it’s a well of ideas and a true toolbox of sound.

Can you imagine an earth-shattering groove without the raw power of the bass? Without that deafening rumble that perfectly interlocks with the drums and melds everything into the thunderous wonder that spells classic rock? Of course not. Welcome to your new go-to bass.

  • A meticulously captured classic 1960s bass, optimal for a classic rock tone
  • Sampled with both finger and pick options
  • Pick option sampled in two different striking positions: neck and bridge
  • Includes a wealth of presets for a broad range of rock tones – from dark and muddy to bright and heavily distorted
  • Comes with a ‘Clean DI’ (direct input) preset option for all tools and striking positions
  • Has a custom MIDI content inspired by classic rock from the ’60s and ’70s


The bass model that changed rock history. A true icon from 1963.

When Leo Fender* unveiled the first rendition of the Precision Bass* at a trade show in the early 1950s, onlookers thought that people had to be out of their minds to play a thing like it. With its fretted neck and guitar-like body, it was literally like something out of a science fiction movie – miles apart from the traditional upright bass and any attempt of an electric bass that had come before it. Today, it’s hard to fathom the significance this very bass has played for rock music as we know it. It truly changed the perception of the instrument and the role of the bass in music altogether. With very little modification, it has rumbled its way through music history for sixty years and counting and become a lynchpin in the very bloodstream of rock. We are proud to keep the thunder alive with our very own rendition for EZbass.EBX

“When envisioning this EBX, we really couldn’t think of any contender to the Precision Bass. This bass is rock. The interesting thing about guitars though – and especially vintage ones – is that there are no duplicates. Literally, every instrument is unique. I have played bass for close to forty years and likely tried twice as many Precision Basses in the course. I must say that this specific example is definitely one of the best I have tried to date. It checks all the boxes,” comments Magnus Melkersson, EZbass lead R&D technician.

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