Toontrack: EZMix All Expansions Bundle (Win, Mac)


The ultimate set of tools to take your song from idea to finished, mixed and mastered track.

ผู้พัฒนา: Toontrack

ใช้งานได้กับระบบปฏิบัติการ:Windows, Mac

หมวดหมู่:Mixing & Mastering

Toontrack: EZMix All Expansions Bundle (Win, Mac)


  1. Core Expansion
  2. Metal Amps
  3. Metal Essentials
  4. Neil Dorfsman
  5. Andy Sneap
  6. Mastering II
  7. Mastering
  8. Randy Staub
  9. Songwriters Tools
  10. Rock
  11. Modern Pop Rock
  12. Peter Henderson
  13. Vocal Toolbox
  14. Mark Needham
  15. Lead Vocals
  16. The Mix Toolbox
  17. Metal
  18. Drums Toolbox
  19. Dirt
  20. Metal Guitar Gods
  21. EMX Chuch Ainlay
  22. EMX Electronic
  23. EMX Amps
  24. EMX Bass Toolbox
  25. EMX Alternative Rock

No matter if you are in your bedroom, on a bus or in a multi-million dollar studio, this bundle is the ultimate vehicle to take your song from initial idea to a finished, mixed track.

Find the perfect guitar or bass tone. Beef up your drums. Mix your lead and vocal overdubs, add ambient soundscapes and fine-tune your master. In total, approx. 300 professionally designed effect chain presets for the most essential elements in a production – all in one handy package.

Add to this the already profound content in EZmix 2 and you have probably the most intuitive, low-footprint yet powerful set of mix tools on the market.